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Smart Cooling for Accurate Print

Smart Cooling for Accurate Print

Hello Everyone,

It's time to feel the difference again.

Yes, this time it’s something excited for the people who are already in field of 3d printing and facing problem with over cooling and under cooling of layer in FDM / LFF 3D Printer.

We are excited to introduce new feature called “Smart Cooling“

Yes, as its name its work smart.

People having problem in FDM / LFF 3d printer that sometime printed part don’t get exact shape just because of under cooling or over cooling of layer that drop from nozzle.

As we are continuously work to make happen that people explore more and more of this technology with minimal problem we introduce “Smart Cooling“

As its name its work smart according to requirement.

You can feel the difference of smart cooling features in above picture.

One object is printed with smart cooling at the same time another without smart cooling.

It’s give greater accuracy of print incase of small parts. Specially in case when single layer time is less just of few swconds that is difficult to cold down just after one layer to other so that time this feature is very useful to print exact shape without any difficulty.

All of our Pratham series 3D Printer are comes with this features.

At the end don’t stop just explore the horizons of 3D Printing………….

Stay tuned for next update.

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