Blog | 3D Printer for everyone in India.
3D Printer for everyone in India.

3D Printer for everyone in India.

We at always willing to bring  3d Printing technology in front of each and every single person.

In response to same we have participated into various trade exhibitions to introduce 3d printing technology to general public. Also we do 3D Printing workshops into various colleges to make students and faculty aware about this amazing 3d printing technology.

Experience at different trade fairs gives us more and more energy to work in same direction.

3D Printing technology is new and there are certain group of people who don’t even know about this technology and advantages of same in real life.

Here you can see our participation in different trade fairs and workshops we have taken to colleges on 3D Printing.

3D printer can be very use full to various industries like Casting, R&D firms, Product Development firms, Molding Industry, Engineering etc.

3D Printer is also became a part of some of educational institute. It’s useful to create some of customized parts for engineering students as well as to create miniature scale models of actual building in architecture field.

3D Printing is just awesome. Let’s Start your journey to 3D Printing.

1) Engineering student uses Pratham Desktop 3D Printer after one day workshop on 3D Printing technology associated with at SSASIT, Surat.


2 ) One day Workshop on 3D Printing for faculty member at SCET Architecture Department.


3) at various trade show to bring 3D Printing technology infront of common people.

Some of the trade shows we were participated like 10th Plastvison india 2017 ( Mumbai ), Mahatech 2017 ( Pune ), Industrial 2016 ( Kolhapur )

Start using this amazing 3D  technology from today itself.

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