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3D Printing Solution For Prototype Making

3D Printing Solution For Prototype Making

Hi, Everyone

3D Printing is just amazing to solve real life problem.

Here we post story for one of the problem solved by Pratham 3.0 3d printer for Mumbai based mixure manufacturing Company.

Company want to design new mixure body for its existing mixure model.

For that R&D engineer complete his task by designing one of model for same.

Now they want to test dimensions, look and feel that how it fulfill design requirement.

For that they need to do protptyping of same.

But prototyping with conventional method is bit costly plus time comsuming process.

And at the end of the day you cannot evaluate 100 % from that prototype which is made out of conventional method.

At the same time 3D Printing comes in picture.

We do prototype making for that company with our 3d printer ( Pratham 3.0 )and result is just mind blowing.

They amazed by its experience.

Pictures shown below gives you exact idea about it.

It takes continuous 65 hours of 3d printing to make this prototype.

This is less than the conventional method of prototype making.

Conclusion is that people should use 3d printing technology to make their process easy.

We at make3d willing to do same by empowering more and more people about 3d printing technology.

Anyone interested can contact us by sending mail –

It’s amazing technology.

Don’t wait just explore the horizons of 3d printing technology.

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