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Fila Sense - One Stop Solution for Your 3D Printer

Hello, Everyone

Here we comes with some new features  in our 3D Printer machine to make it easy to operate for technical / non technical person.

Its time to Introduce new Addon – “ Fila Sense ”

Yes, we think its required to solve the problem as early as possible and on action to it we have comes with new features called Fila sense in all of our 3d printer models.

People having problem when its filament get finished during print and not getting any option or signal to load new filament and not having any support system .

Fila sense gives you permenant solution to this problem.

Its process is very simple.

  • How Its Work ???

When filament get finished during print than Extruder head move to left side.

Now load the new filament.

( It waits for you as loang as you want to load new filament, So take your time ) For example – If you left 3d printer in night to print and not sure about filament is suffcient or not than don’t worry left it for print. Now if filament get finished  in midnight when you are not available there to change the fiament , So it waits for you till morning to come and load new filament and it will start printing from same point where its left.

Its Amazing kindly watch video for demo.

Its available in all of our Pratham series of 3d printers. 

Stay tuned for more updates.

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