Blog | Bigger 3D Printer just a step away.......
Bigger 3D Printer just a step away.......

Bigger 3D Printer just a step away.......

Hello Everyone,

Reason for posting this blog is to introduce something different in front of you people.

Yes I think title of blog gives you better idea.

There is a need of bigger 3d printer that makes stuff of bigger size without any interruption.

To make this happen we gives our effort and successfully we are planning to launch two models of Pratham series.

Yes, Pratham 3.0 & Pratham 5.0

It’s not a general type of FDM 3D Printer.

It’s something different from conventional 3d printers.

Both of these machines come with power failure protection.

It means your print will not ruined due to power failure or power spike.

It’s having Power failure Protection. That is invented by our engineers.

If I talk about other features than list will be very long but let me gives you idea about main features like

Its having Bluetooth Support ,Dual extruder, Multi Material Support, Power failure Protection, E3D V6 Hot end, SD card Printing, Plug and play facility and many more.

I think it’s going to be trend changer in field of FDM 3D Printer.

We are planning to launch it in end of April 2016.

Till than don’t stop just explore the horizons of 3D Printing.



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