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Why to Choose FDM / LFF 3D Printer ?

Why to Choose FDM / LFF 3D Printer ?

The 3d printing industry consists of several different technologies. Depending on their own features, each of them can be suitable for a specific use.

Lately however the 3d printers with filament has became one of the most commonly used technology; in fact its advantages for a Company exceed the ordinary technology benefits.


Easy to use

The desktop 3d printers cannot be considered as automatic and plug'nplay machines, but the recent developments make them very simple for the users, even for those without specific technical knowledge.

Materials availability

While in the past many materials were accessible only for industrial applications, now instead they can be easily available also for 3d print and as little as few Rupees are often enough to buy 1kg spool. Moreover thanks to materials research and development, the range of different filaments is now very wide.

One can use PLA, ABS, Composite, Flexiblle material in FDM / LFF based 3D Printers.

Affordable costs

3d Printers with filament are nowadays more affordable. While in the 80's, when they had been launched, they were more expensive, now it's easy to find inexpensive 3d printers. Even good quality 3d professional printers are most likely to cost less than 100000 Rupees.


The technical developments allowed to: continue improving additive layer manufacturing, to enhance the quality of the objects and to adjust the manufacturing process, in order to meet market needs. Thus new products are faster, more reliable and easier and suit both to B2B and B2C clients.

Pratham series of 3d printers of MAKE3D are the result of a fast-paced technological innovation. This product is able to realize high-definition objects by saving on printing time and meets therefore the needs of a very demanding market, which requires high-end quality in less time.
Pratham series of 3d printers reaches the consumer market with simple and ready-to-use solutions, which make this product user-friendly for everybody.

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