Blog | Magic of 3d printer | Use of 3D Printer
Magic of 3d printer | Use of 3D Printer

Magic of 3d printer | Use of 3D Printer

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Here we come again with some amazing story of 3d printing to explain how this technology can be use full to everyone and how we are making use of it.

Listed below some of 3d printing job work done by our team on our 3D printer machine to provide ultimate solution to our client. We are very glad to share these hopefully you people find it valuable.

1) Prototypre for Rajkot Based casting Company

Work Done - We provide them 3D Printed patten of their casting work. Company just amazed with solution provide by our team.

2) Prototype for Jamnagar Based Casting Company

Work Done - We provide them 3D Printed patten of their casting work. They just not believe that this type of work can be done with this much of simplicity. Just amazimg work done on 3D printer.

3) Prototype for Mumbai based Mixure manufacturing company

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4) Artistic letter for Arham Suteriya ( ahemdabad) for their project work

Work Done - Group of student from Ahemdabad( Gujarat ) looking to make artistic letters which are pretty complex and hard to make with conventional metthod. We at make3d provide them simple soution by use of 3d printer and their works get done without any difficulty and project just finished on time. True Magic Of 3D Printer.

5) Material loading/unloading tray for knack solution ( Surat )

Work Done - One of the simple solution for laser marking machine operator to load/unload multiple job at a time. Really great work by use of 3D Printer, Simple Process.

6) Prototype for Vapi baed palstic mould making company...

Work Done -  Got the call from Mr. Chintan upadhyay (Creative plastic ) to complete 3d printing of below design and they had to pass the sample at mumbai based client.

We got the design at 10 am morning. At same time Chintan moves from vapi for surat at our facility. Printing start at 11 am for given design. Chintan Reaches our facility at 3 PM. We had this jug in hand when he joined us.

Just amazed with experience.

Wait story is not over.

Chintan left us to go to Mumbai for meeting with client and make sample pass to get the order on same day.

Just amazing.....

7) Prototype  for sachin based  company….

Work Done - Another example of work done by our team with use of 3D Printer to solve the problem with simplicity.

9) Prototype for Mumbai based company.

10) Prototype for Pune based company. ( Case for Electronics )

11) Prototype for banglore based Company


Its not over here....

We have lots of stories to tell on how 3D Printer can be usefull to solve real life problem.

Hopefully with next blog...

3D Printer is just amazing to solve real life problem as you can see in pictures given with story.

3D Printer finds its place in various applications depending on how we want to make use of it.

Some of advantages of 3d printer are like no any tooling required, High precision, Less Job setup time and so on…

People can use 3d printer to create solution by different way with ultimate imagination.

Anything you can imagine you can build with 3D Printer.

3D Printing technology contains various sub technology called SLA, SLS, DLP, DMLS, FDM.

We at make3d deals with manufacturing of 3d printer based on FDM/LFF Technology.

As well as provides 3D printing service, 3D printing workshops, 3D Printing Lab setup.

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