Blog | Build your Imagination with Pratham 3.0 3D Printer.

Build your Imagination with Pratham 3.0 3D Printer.

Wait is over.

Pratham 3.0 - Bigger 3D Printer is available now.

As of human nature we always want little bit extra. Pratham 3.0 3D Printer is all set for that.

Yes it gives build area of 300 x 300 x 300 mm. Anyone can make bigger parts by having use of Pratham 3.0 3D Printer with finest accuracy of all time.

Pratham having some of exciting new features like

-  Bluetooth support ( operate your 3d printer via android phone ),

-  Power Failure Protection in case of power spike.

-  All metal E3d V5 Hot end which gives smooth filament feeding.

-  Blue & White LED Light gives extra shining to its look.

-  Fast Z axis T8 screw.

-  Dual Extruder Support.

-  Multy material support

At the end its sole industrial 3d printer.One can make prototype, scale models, fixtures, Custom Dies, R&D Parts etc.

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