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Pratham 5.0 - Monster 3D Printer is just add an extra value to Pratham series of 3d printer. 
It's human nature to desire even more and more and a result of that we are comes with our monster 3d printer - "Pratham 5.0"

Pratham 5.0 3D Printer is best for every one , yes every one from small artist, engineer, hobbyist, designer to researcher and development firm.

Its having advanced features for all. Having large print area makes it suitable for various industry people who looks out for prototype making with in house facility.

Also its closed chamber and silicone heated bed makes its compatible to print with different thermoplastics material like PLA, ABS, Composite, Wood, Flexible etc.

Filament sensor and Power failure Protection gives an extra edge over the other printers in its range. Having sturdy sheet metal body and quality electronics

ensure the quality, reliability and durability of the machine. Pratham 5.0 is 100% made in Indian 3d printer crafted by

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