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Heated Bed

Heated Bed

Pratham Comes with heated bed, Heated Bed is ideal for Material Like ABS, PETG, HIPS Heated bed makes Pratham suitable for almost all thermoplastic material to print with.

Enough Build Volume

Enough Build Volume

200x200x250 MM is the Build Volume of Pratham. Make anything within this size with Best in Class Surface Finish. Suitable for Entry Level Work

Semi Automatic Bed Level

Semi Automatic Bed Level

Bed leveling is Very easy with 9 Point Semi Automatic Bed Level System of Pratham.

Filament Sensor

Filament Sensor

Complete Print Protection if filament got finished during the print.You will get an alarm once filament finished, Reload the filament and resume the Print !!!

Power Failure Protection

Power Failure Protection

Do not Loose your Print against Sudden Power Cut.

  • Automatic resume after power restoration.
  • Accurate & Precise

    Accurate & Precise

    Accuracy and Precision is USP of Pratham Series of 3D Printers, Want to check it ? Request for Free sample and feel the same.

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    Pratham has solid all metal MS Body to give Robustness for long term uses. This will also help to reduce internal vibration of moving axis within the machine which results in accurate final output. Best suitable for Indoor & Outdoor work. Easy to move, relocate and start using it without calibration.

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    Electronics is most important aspect of any electro- mechanical machine. Pratham comes with advanced electronics to support continuous operation on long term use. One can use Pratham for back-to-back print without any break, just because of its well optimized electronics with mechanical hardware.

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    Good Product needs Good After sales support. We care for one's investments in our products. Our dedicated support makes sure that your work will never stop just because of lack of guidance/support from our side. Being and Indian Manufacturer one can expect and immediate response from our support team.

    Best in Class 3D Printer for Educational Institutes

    Inquire More about Implementation of Pratham @ Your Educational Institutes, We will be happy to help you.

    Key Aspects of Pratham

    Filament Diameter

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    Pratham Supports Any Thermoplastic material with 1.75 mm of Diameter.

    Printing Speed

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    Get your 3D Prints with an amazing Print speed of 150 mm/sec.


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    Operate Pratham with SD Card, USB and LAN.

    Layer Resolution

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    Print anything with Layer resolution of 50 to 600 Micron.

    Filament Support

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    Pratham supports multi material like PLA, ABS, Flexible TPU, PETG, Composites.

    Print File Type.

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    Make GCODE from your 3D STL and OBJ File, Pratham Accepts GCODE.

    Where to Use ?


    Architecture Can make Scale model of his Imagination. Its very easy to make your imagination real with Pratham 3D Printer.


    Student Can learn 3D Printing and make their imagination real with use of 3D Printer, Pratham is best for Educational uses,


    3D Printer makes Product Develpoment Process very easy and fast. Just need a CAD Model and your Physical Parts will be ready in Fraction of hours.

    Statue Making

    Make Your 3D Mini Doll with Pratham 3D Printer. Best for Statue Making Work,

    Business Startup

    Want to startup a new Business in 3D Printing Technology ? Pratham will be your best partner to start with,


    Best suited for Hobbiest/Artist. Accurate and Precise.

    Request a Sample Part

    See and feel FDM quality firsthand. We’ll ship a free 3D printed sample part printed on a Pratham 3D printer to your home/office.

    Demo Video

    Pratham Desktop 3D Printer

    Customer Story

    Explore more Videos of 3D Printing !!!

    Detailed Videos on 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, 3D Printing application work.

    Technical Specifications

    Technology FDM
    Build Volume 200x200x250 mm
    Layer Resolution 0.08 / 0.1/ 0.2 / 0.3 / 0.4 mm
    Dimensional Tolerance ± 0.1 to 0.5 mm
    Print Speed 40 - 120 mm/sec
    Extruder Tmperature 280° C ( max )
    Printbed Temperature 120° C ( max )
    Nozzle Size 0.4 mm - E3D (standard)
    Heated Build Platform Yes ( Aluminium Printbed )
    Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
    Filament Compability ABS / PLA / Composite
    Operating Control LCD Display
    Body Sturdy Powder Coated Sheet Metal Body
    XY Gantry Vibration Free XY Movement
    Stepper Motors 1.8 Degree step angle with 1/16 micro stepping
    X-Y Precision 11 Microns
    Z Precision 5 Microns
    Power Requirements 230 V, 50Hz , 240 W
    Connectivity USB / SD Card
    Lighting White LED Light
    Printer Dimensions 400 H x 400 W x 530 H mm
    Printer Weight 19 KG
    Shipping Weight 23 kg ( With Accessories Kit )
    Operating System Windows XP/Vista/7/8,MacOS
    Software Bundle Cura / Slicer (Windows, Mac, Linux)
    Supported File formats STL and GCODE

    Loved By Engineers, Designers, Architecture, Hobbyist, Educators !!!

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