Monster 3D Printer

Heavy Duty Industrial Grade 3D Printer
Large Size Machine with Powerfull Performance
Best suitable for Industrial Applications.
Available on GEM for Government Buyers.

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Power Failure Protection

Power Failure Protection

  • Do not Loose your Print against Sudden power Cut.
  • Resume your Print from same point where it Pause.
  • Automatic resume after power restoration.
  • Ultra Fast Print Speed

    Ultra Fast Print Speed

  • Almost 1.5 times higher the speed of Printing.
  • Yes, Pratham 5.0 is faster compare to other FDM 3D Printer available in market.
  • Fastest X-Y Gantry Movement
  • Filament Sensor

    Filament Sensor

  • With Filament Sensor You can protect your print if filament got finished during the print. You will get an alarm once filament finished, Reload the filament and resume the Print !!!
  • Wi-Fi Operating

    Wi-Fi Operating

  • Operate Pratham 5.0 Wireless.
  • No need to Connect with PC, Computer.
  • Wi-Fi enabled feature to transfer file from PC to Machine.

  • Auto Bed Level

    Auto Bed Level

  • Pratham 5.0 having Fully Automatic Bed Level System.
  • You No Need to do anything,
  • 9 Point Magnetic Touch Sensor
  • Perfect First layer of Your Print guaranteed
  • Silicone Heated Bed

    Silicone Heated Bed

  • Pratham 5.0 Comes with Silicone heated bed,
  • Heated Bed will reach Temperature of 120 Degree in Just 30 Seconds.
  • Fastest Bed Heating.
  • Best for ABS, HIPS, PETG, Composite Materials.
  • Monster 3D Printer Powered By Advanced Electronics,

    Pratham 5.0 is one of the most advanced Heavy Duty FDM 3D Printer available in Indian market. Perfectly made for Industrial use, Equipped with 7 inches touch Display, Filament detection, Power failure resume, Auto bed leveling. This combination of advance features makes it perfect choice for any Engineer, Designer,Industrialist.

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    Large Format Print Size

  • Make anything up to 500x500x500 mm with up to mark Quality.
  • Tested for Continuous Print of 245 Hours
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    Made for Industrial Applications

  • Pratham 5.0 Version is pure Industrial Grade 3D Printer & Dedicated to Industrial Applications where Perfection and Precision is must needed Aspects of Engineering,
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    0% Job Failure !!!

  • Powered by Most advanced Point Break System
  • In-build G-Code Cutting facility
    for Emergency Case
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    Filament Diameter

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    Pratham 5.0 Supports Any Thermoplastic material with 1.75 mm of Diameter.

    Printing Speed

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    Get your 3D Prints with an amazing Print speed of 120 to 150 mm/sec.


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    Operate Pratham 5.0 with Wi-Fi, SD Card, USB.

    Layer Resolution

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    Print anything with Layer resolution of 80 to 600 Micron.

    Bigger Build Volume.

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    500x500x500 MM Fully Enclosed Chamber to make Bigger Prototypes.

    Print File Type.

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    Make GCODE from your 3D STL and OBJ File, Pratham 5.0 Accepts GCODE.

    Some of the Amazing Work Done with Pratham Series of 3D Printers.

    Explore all work in work gallery.

    Hi-Win Linear Guide for Robust X-Y Axis

    Long life with high speed, high accuracy and smooth linear motion.

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    Multiple Print at Once !!!

    -Make Multiple Prototypes at Once
    -large Bed size
    -Fast Prototyping
    -Best for Small Batch Production Work.

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    WiFi & Camera Addon Available

    -Now operate Pratam 5.0 Wirelessly.
    -Give Print command from your phone/laptop wirelessly.
    -Operate Pratham 5.0 from remote location.
    -Monitor Pratham 5.0 from remote location.
    -Give urgent print command from home to the remotely located 3D Printer in office. (get the live print view straight in your phone/laptop)

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    Super Fast Heat Bed

    -Silicone Heated Bed for Super fast Printbed Heating.
    -99% Accurate Heating to whole Surface Area of Printbed.
    -Best Suitable for 3D Printing Material like ABS,HIPS,TPU,PETG,PLA,Carbon Fibre, Composites etc.
    -Zero Warpage Problem, Upto mark Sticking of Printing Material for Long Print.

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    CARBON & HEPA Filter

    Carbon filter with Hepa filter works as a air purification device and absorb toxic fumes generated during the 3D Printing process.
    It also absorbs smoke,dust particles, moistures.
    This will make your working place more safer.

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    Multi Material Support.

    PLA, ABS, HIPS, PETG, Flexible TPU, Wooden, Metalic Composites.
    Pratham 5.0 Supports almost 22 types of thermoplastic material with same quality output.

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    Pratham 5.0 with Simplify3D®

    Improve your print quality with the industry’s most powerful 3D printing build preparation software. Simplify3D® provides powerful features and intelligent automation to help with each step of the 3D printing workflow.

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    Large Size 3D Printed Model

    Pratham 5.0 Demo

    Explore more Videos of 3D Printing !!!

    Detailed Videos on 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, 3D Printing application work.

    Technical Specifications

    Technology FDM
    Build Volume 500x500x500 MM
    Layer Resolution 0.08 / 0.1/ 0.2 / 0.3 / 0.4 mm
    Dimensional Tolerance ± 0.1 to 0.5 mm
    Print Speed 50 - 120 mm/sec
    Extruder Temperature 280° C ( max )
    Print bed Temperature 120° C ( max )
    Nozzle Size 0.4 mm - E3D (standard)
    Heated Build Platform Yes ( Silicone Heat Bed )
    Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
    Operating Control Touch Screen Display
    Filament Support ABS/PLA/Flexible/PETG Carbon fused ABS/Composites
    Body Sturdy Powder Coated Sheet Metal Body
    XY Gantry Hi-Win Vibration Free XY Movement
    Stepper Motors 1.8 Degree step angle with 1/16 micro stepping & 7.5 Kg.Cm2 Torque,
    X-Y Precision 11 Microns
    Z Precision 10 Microns
    Power Requirements 230 V, 50Hz , 320 W
    Connectivity USB / SD Card
    Lighting White LED Light
    Printer Dimensions 980 L x 820 W x 990 H mm
    Printer Weight 80 KG
    Shipping Weight 100 KG ( With Accessories Kit )

    Thinking of Pratham 5.0 to use in Educational Institutes

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    Yes, It is 100% ingenious 3D Printer, Design and Developed in India.

    7 Days after order confirmation.

    Yes, Onsite Training of Hardware and Software to concern Person.

    No, We will supply Complete Package of Accessories and tools to Start your 3D Printing Journey.


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