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Warranty Terms for Pratham & EKA Series of 3D Printer, Manufactured by Make3d.in

This warranty (hereafter referred to as the “Warranty”) is granted by Make3d.in (hereafter referred to as “Make3d.in”) to the end user of a Pratham Series FDM 3D printer & EKA Series of DLP 3D Printer (hereafter referred to as the “Product”). The Product is subject to the following terms and conditions exclusively to Make3d.in or Make3d.in -associated reseller original customers only (“original” referring to the purchasing party only; hereafter referred to as “end users”). The services covered under this Warranty are provided by Make3d.in & Channel Partner of Make3d.in exclusively.
Warranty Period of the Product:
This Warranty applies for the period of 30 days and up to 12 months (depending on certain coverage restrictions; see the information on the table under “General” for more details) from the date of when the Product was first purchased by the original end user (hereafter referred to as the “Purchase Date”). Proof of purchase must be presented to Make3d.in to utilize the services of this Warranty, including the Product Serial Number and/or the Purchase Invoice/Receipt.
Statutory Guarantees:
This warranty is given independently of any statutory warranty that may apply in the state or country of purchase and does not affect or limit such warranty in any matter whatsoever.
General Information
Make3d.in warrants the Product to be free from defects in workmanship and materials at the time of sale. If the Product fails during normal and proper use within the Warranty Period, Make3d.in will repair only the defective parts of the Product with new or reconditioned parts or products that are functionally equivalent or superior to those originally supplied. Make3d.in is not responsible for replacing the Product itself in the event of total Product failure.
Please keep the original Purchase Invoice/Receipt, the product and shipping boxes, and these Warranty Terms for future service requests.
All components that the Make3d.in repairs or replaces will be warranted for the remaining duration of the original components at Make3d.in’s discretion. If the Product is repaired, all user-generated data may be permanently deleted.
If the Product is under Warranty, you hereby agree to transfer the ownership of defective parts sent to Make3d.in for replacement, and said parts shall automatically become the property of Make3d.in
General Warranty Limitations
This Warranty covers:
– Products purchased from Make3d.in or Make3d.in partners/related resellers.
– Products purchased from within INDIA.
– Pratham-brand 3D printers and accessories.
– Products covered within the Warranty Period with minimal or no charge. (See page 3.)
– Repairs, service, and part replacements.
– New products at time of purchase.
– Technical hardware issues.
This Warranty does NOT cover:
– Products purchased from any non Authorized Reseller,
– Products purchased from outside of the INDIA.
– Other 3D printer brands.
– Products deemed Out of Warranty (OOW), but serviceable at full parts & services retail value.
– Full product replacement.
– Used/refurbished products, except for special consideration on a case-by-case basis.
– Personal, business, or fiscal damages from Breach of Warranty, excluding death, personal injury, statutory liability, and conditions outside of Indian jurisdiction.
Product Condition Limitations
This Warranty only covers normal use conditions of the product. This Warranty does NOT cover:
– End user-induced conditions are discernible from normal use.
– Damage caused by accidents, submerging in water, acts of nature or negligence
– Product that has been tampered with, repaired, and/or modified by non-authorized personnel.
– Altered, removed, or cancelled product serial number.
– Broken or altered Warranty Seals.
– Obsolete hardware.
– Damage that doesn’t impede operation and functions, i.e. rust, color or texture changes, wear and tear, gradual deterioration, etc.
– Damage from:
o Improper installation/connection or malfunction of peripheral devices, i.e. power supply, extruder/platform cables, SD Card, etc.
o External electrical fault or any accident.
o Operations outside of original product intent, violation of storage parameters, and exposure to unsuitable environments.
o Use of non-recommended materials.
– Inoperability or damage:
o From contamination with hazardous substances, diseases, vermin, or radiation.
o To product electronic interface system.
o Of consumable hardware, i.e. nozzles, fans, etc.
– Fraud, theft, unexplained disappearances, or willful acts.
Part Repair & Replacement Limitations
Most parts of the Product which are able to be repaired or replaced under this Warranty are covered either for a limited time only or not at all covered and shall not be repaired or replaced under warranty.
These parts and issues are covered under the Warranty for only 30 days after the Purchase Date:
-Thermocoupler & Heater
-Fan Cooler
-PTFE Tube
– Printbed Glass
– BL touch Sensor
-3D-printed parts
-Shipping issues
-Quality Assurance/Quality Control issues with parts
These parts are covered under the Warranty for only 12 months after the Purchase Date:
– Extruder Cable
– Extruder PCB
– X/Y- and Z-axes Motors
– GT2 Belt (X/Y, long & short)
– Z Coupler
– Platform Distance Screws
– On/Off Switch
– XY Endstops
– LCD Display
– Mother Board and Supportive electronics
These parts are NOT covered under the Warranty for any duration of time:
– Heating Plate
– Perforated Boards
– Cable Holders
– Power Supply
– SD Card
– Metal Printer Frame

Customer Responsibility
When using the Product:
• Customer will make at least one trained staff person fully available to Company personnel for purposes of assisting Company with any telephone or on-site Maintenance Services to be provided hereunder
• Use Product as per the SOP given by Technical Support Team at a time on Training of Product.
• After using your Product, do not leave the Product connected to power. Some electrical items are not designed to be left connected to the power supply for extended periods of time.
• Periodically back up your data stored on the Product (i.e. SD memory card).
• Keep the original packaging in case the Product needs to be returned for repair. The original packaging provides better protection for the Product during transportation.
Process for Submitting a Warranty Claim
Before contacting Make3d.in for technical support, ensure that you have the Product in front of you and that it is turned on, if feasible. Please also be ready to provide the Product’s model name, and proof of purchase. The technical support hotline phone number can be found at www.make3d.in / +91 9913490685
You may be requested by Technical Support Team of Make3d.in to perform some of the Product’s troubleshooting tasks or actions, which may include the following:
– Reseating the cable connectors;
– Performing other reasonable activities requested by Make3d.in which will assist in identifying or resolving the issues.
SOP of Make3d.in for Resolution of Problem During Warranty Period is as below.
– Contact our Technical Support Team for Any Problem in use of Pratham series of 3D Printer via Call or email mentioned above.
– First Priority will be given for Telephonic / Online Resolution of Problem with immediate coordination with Your Dedicated operator of 3D Printer Machine,
– If any required to send a spare parts for replacement, Make3d.in will send a Part via Courier to Client Location, Client / Dedicated Operator need to do a replacement of spare as per the guidelines of Technical Support Team, here we will make sure to send a part which can be replace by Client/Dedicated Operator of 3D Printer Machine. Our Technical Support Team will also provide troubleshoot video for replacement of part if any required.
– If by following above Steps, Problem not solved, Make3d.in will assign a Technical Engineer from nearest channel Partner location Or from Head Office of Make3d.in
– If client denied to follow Telephonic/Online/Part replacement solution and insist for immediate Onsite Service, This action will be chargeable, Make3d.in will Provide Basic Estimation for immediate Onsite Service of Pratham Series of 3D Printer. On acceptance of Estimation by Party/Client, Make3d.in will arrange technical engineer for Onsite Repair/Service of 3D Printer.
If the problem is not solved remotely/technical sales engineer with Onsite Visit, you will have to return the Product or its modular components to the Make3d.in Repair Center (this process is called Returned Merchant Authorization, or “RMA”). If an RMA is necessary, you have to deliver your Product/components to the Make3d.in Repair Center. Make3d.in may, at its sole discretion, simplify the service procedure by offering you a preapproved shipping service to deliver the Product/components to the Repair Center.
To create an RMA:
– Describe the problem clearly and completely on the RMA request form obtainable from Make3d.in Customer Service.
– Enclose a copy of a completed Warranty Information Form (included with the Warranty Terms) and a copy of your Purchase Invoice/Receipt. If you are unable to provide the requested documents for Warranty validation, Make3d.in will be able to retrieve your Product serial number from your transaction on your account.
– Ensure that you have fully backed up all data stored on your Product and removed and personal, confidential, or proprietary information before any service process is initiated. You agree that Make3d.in may delete any data, software, or programs installed on the Product without restoring such. Make3d.in shall not be held liable for the permanent loss, damage, or misuse of your data.
– Pack the Product/components in safe and stable packaging, preferably the original packaging. Any packaging should meet the following requirements:
o Use a rigid box with the flaps intact;
o Remove any labels, hazardous material indicators, and other previous shipment markings on the box that are no longer applicable;
o Wrap all items separately;
o Use adequate cushioning material;
o Use strong tape designed for shipping;
o Do not use string or paper over-wrap;
o Use a single address label that has clear and complete delivery and return information;
o Place a duplicate address label inside the package.
Please do not send in anything but the Product or components themselves unless specifically requested by Make3d.in. Please remove any accessories (i.e. power cables, filament spool holder, etc.) as well as any removable storage devices such as memory cards, discs, or flash drives from the Product unless specifically requested by Make3d.in. Make3d.in is not liable for the loss, damage, or destruction of accessories or removable storage devices unless they are caused by acts of willful or gross negligence by Make3d.in.
Out-of-Warranty Cases
If your service request is OOW, a Service Charge List with an offer for repair will be provided to you, which you may accept or reject. If you accept the repair, we will provide you with an invoice for the repair labor, spare parts, and other costs stated in the Service Charge List. The invoice must be paid according to the payment date contained in the document. Payment must be made after Make3d.in has delivered to you a service quote estimate and has repaired your Product.
To the extent permitted by law, Make3d.in may charge you a diagnostic fee (including transportation costs, if any) if your service request is OOW and you refuse the repair offer or if your Product does not require service.
Abandoned Property
After your Product/components have been repaired, or if you do not agree to the repair offer, Make3d.in will return your product/components via the agreed RMA method. If you do not pick up your Product/components, or if delivery is not possible at the address provided by you, Make3d.in will send you a notice at the address you provided them when requesting the service. If you still fail to pick up the Product/components within a period of 90 days from sending the notice, Make3d.in reserves the right to claim damages from you, including the cost of storage, disposal in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, and any statutory right of lien for unpaid charges.
This Warranty is provided by:
Make3d.in- 33,34 Tulsi Industry, Opp Akhand Anand College, Ved Road, Katargam, Surat – 395004
Customer Care :+91 99134 90685 / work@make3d.in





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